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15 August 2017
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From The Cheshire Press (an imprint of The Cheshire Group, Inc)... One of our newest publications is a wonderful poetry book titled VIEWPOINTS by Barbara Bulova Brown,.. Not just for the poetry-lover, VIEWPOINTS is a collection of a quarter century of Ms Brown’s work, which includes black and white illustrations of her oil paintings, drawings and photographs. The author welcomesViewpoints - A Book of Poetry the reader to participate in her journey. The book features an honest account of various moments and thoughts describing an arc from youth through marriage and widowhood to the present. Ms Brown treats life’s rewards as well as its trials, from the irksome to the outrageous, via such topics as childhood, marriage, home-owning, politics, art, nature, aging, illness and death. In Dark Musings: In the early lightness of night/It is not and is a challenge/To see that which you cannot… Back in the thinning thick/Where woodpeckers knock beak on bark/Of hollowing over-watered trees…You can order a copy of this book for yourself or as a gift just click on this link.

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In the headline for its services, Sibson & Company posed this question about carrots and carnivores. The ad copy attached to the headline was complete blather, promising that Sibson & Company would “help you feed yourDangling Carrots top talent and unlock the real value of your business” but the headline is great. The question is a good one.
     Take a few moments to think about it.
     If you are in business (and even if you’re not), it almost goes without saying that there is something you want someone to do. E.g.: buy your product, accept your job offer, give you their business, put more effort, commitment and enthusiasm into working in your company or your department, exchange a negative attitude for a position one, do homework assignments—in short, you want something. What?
     Next, ask yourself what you are doing now to gain that objective. Is your tactic working?
     (Thoughtful pause.)
     If not, could you be offering the wrong motivation? Could you could be dangling carrots in front of carnivores?
     Here are some carrots-to-carnivores examples.
     “Let’s all give that extra push to get profits up by the end of the quarter!” This company has no profit sharing, so it means very little to the employees whether profits are up or not.
     “But you save money when you switch from AT&T to Sprint!”
     When the prospect owns a lot of AT&T stock, switching to a competitive phone service isn’t attractive.
     “This is your golden opportunity to learn to play the piano, so you have to practice, practice, practice everyday.”
     To the kid who is dying to learn acoustic guitar and play in a rock band, practicing hours of Schumann and Brahms on the piano is not an attractive substitute.
     Before you begin tying a string to a pretty bunch of fresh carrots, take the time to learn something about the folks you want to entice. Do they like carrots? If they don’t care for carrots, you’re not going to win them. Try a steak.



Company names are different these days. A new computer company risked a sort of corporate in-joke by incorporating as F5. (F5 is the refresh key on the computer keyboard.) Heh-heh.
     A drive along America’s technology highway (Route 128, to you) provides a lexicon of unfamiliar company names—namesDog Wagging like Genuity.
     Sometimes companies with solid, well recognized names shed those names in favor of strange ones. Examples: Expedx (once the staid and respected Carter-Rice Paper Co.). Unisource (formerly Rouke-Eno Paper). Carter-Rice and Rouke-Eno had paper in their names; Expedx and Unisource could be suppliers of animal fertilizer.
     The naming prize, however, should probably go to Imtx. The brains of this young company assembled their name from a curious, and meaningless, combination of letters. Their rationale? To secure imtx as a domain name—and since no one had dibs on the odd moniker, they became.


The Chicago Manual of Style is nearly four inches thick. Entire college courses are devoted to teaching people to communicate clearly. Editors wield red pencils in an effort to make communicationMom clearer. But perhaps Bill Laberis, a former editor of ComputerWorld, has the best advice for anyone with something to communicate. Give it the mommy test, he advises. Write it so your mother can understand it.
[PostScript: I once attended a lecture hosted by the witty publisher of a high tech magazine. Wishing to make a comparative illustration of difficulty, he said, “It would be like explaining nuclear fusion to your mother.” There was great laughter in which I joined. Then I realized that if either of my children had been in the audience, they would have been splitting their sides over the idea of explaining nuclear fusion to me. I stopped laughing.]

Nancy L. Parsons


"If an opposer is very attached to a position—and you are not—back off. It's not worth it."
     "A very good way of getting out of an argument you seem to be losing is to ask something like, 'What do you think we are arguing about?' Whatever answer is returned, say, 'Oh, I see. I though you meant something else."
     "Always attack the reasons for a claim, not the claim itself."
     "First Rule for Dealing With a Fanatic: Don't!"
     "The only way to deal with a nonlistener is with patience and repetition."
     "If your opposer says 'Everybody knows' —and you don't know—then your opposer is wrong."

How To Win An Argument, Michael A. Gilbert
John Wiley & Sons

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Are You Dangling Carrots in Front of Carnivores?

Dog Wagging.
Write it so That Your Mother Can Understand it.
Tips For Winning an Argument.






Echo chambers maintain themselves by creating a shared spirit and keeping discussion confined within certain limits.

" The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

Noam Chomsky









"A truth that's told with bad intent/Beats all the lies you can invent."

William Blake






"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

Winston S Churchill






"The test of
merit in my profession is success."

Gen Albert Sidney Johnston




"Build a better mouse-trap and the world will beat a path to your door."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can build it but they don't have to come. Let your market know the product is there.


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