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15 June 2017
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This is the 75th issue of The Better Mousetrap. We have archived the most recent issues on our web site. It is easy to review them. Just click here for the list or go to the Cheshire Group web site and click on the link that says "Newsletter Archive."



This is a tale of two employees, Jack Smart—the jack (and master-of-all- trades. the man-of-the hour, the corporate golden boy—and Joe Schlub who is, to put it simply, the corporate version of the gravy-stained guy. It is commonly believed in the company that should you wish to walk on water, you'd do well to hold Jack Smart's hand. Without old Jack on the job, why, goodness knows what would collapse.
     Now suppose that the company for financial reasons, has to terminate one of these employees. It would probably take about four nanoseconds to pass the pink slip to Joe Schlub.
     But before making that decision, however, it might be wise for the company powers to examine the role of the indispensable person.
     Indispensable people are dangerous. Apart from the chance of Jack Smart getting hit by a cement truck on his way to work one morning, throwing the company into panic and turmoil, there is the more distinct possibility that Jack will realize just how valuable he is. This puts him in position to leverage deals that are not in the company's best interest. Or he might simply walk one day, leaving his former colleagues and employers scrambling to fill his impossibly large shoes.
     But indispensable individuals are generally created, not born. And their employers are often the very instruments that spawn them. Companies actually tend to set up situations that create indispensable employees.
     One of the most efficient ways to do this is to let someone write his or her own job description, This very frequently happens when a new position is being created. Let's say the Acme Mousetrap Company, which has been totally sales oriented up to now decides to become more sophisticated by creating a marketing department. So they tap Jack Smart give him the title of manager and tell him to write a description of the job. They've just told Jack Smart to invent himself and the position. They've written him a one-way ticket to indispensability.
     Much better to write the job description to the job, not to the person.
     Another way to ensure indispensability is to leave the employee alone on the firing line. If the I.P. wants to take a day or two off, he or she knows there is no one back at the office who can handle the small flash fires that are almost guaranteed to ignite. Being the solitary person who can do the job practically guarantees indispensability.
     The smart employer take out indispensability insurance by tucking an ace up the sleeve. He or she sees to it that every person who begins to look indispensable, either through personality or position, is training or mentoring a replacement. An understudy who can be ready to step onstage should the unthinkable happen to the I.P.
     And if Jack Smart is as psychologically healthy as you'd want an I.P. to be, he won't be threatened by the understudy. In fact, he will probably be relived to know he has a backup.
     Is your office or company a place where indispensable people can easily breed? Maybe you should take out some I.P. insurance. Take some intelligent measures to make employees less indispensable. You'll be doing everyone a big service.
     Everyone should be important. No one should be indispensable.

P.S. The indispensable person can often be found in the corner office. But when the I.P. happens to be the CEO, the rule still applies: everyone is important; no one is indispensable. Not even you.



This collection of lawyer anecdotes appeared in the North Shore Business Journal and the editors credit the The Lawyer's Journal, the publication of the Massachusetts Bar Association.The list appears to be the work of the Journal's editor.

     "Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep he doesn't know about it until the next morning?"

     "Where you present when your picture was taken?"

     "Were you alone or by yourself?"

     "Was it you or your younger brother who was killed in the war?"

     "Did he kill you?"

     "The youngest son, the 20-year old, how old is he?"

     "How far apart were the vehicles at the time of the collision?"

     "How many times have you committed suicide?"


The City of New York has always been an unruly town but heavily policed since it earliest days as a Dutch Colony in the 17th century. It is celebrated today by successful television programs such as" Blue Bloods" and "NYPD Blue." Going back to the watchmen and New York constabulary in the Old Dutch City the cops were armed only with nightsticks. With little pay and little supervision they were not eager to put themselves in harm's way. In 1757 the New York Gazette complained that they were a "parcel of idle, drinking, vigilant snorers who never quelled any nocturnal tumult in their lives...but would perhaps, be as willing to join in a burglary as any thief in Christendom"
     By 1834, "the riot year" the city seethed with mob violence against churches, the Irish, blacks and abolitionists. In the 1840s George Templeton exclaimed that "One can't look out of his window without the risk of being knocked down by some stray bullet or other that was intended for somebody else entirely, or fired on speculation without meaning anything against anybody in particular."
    Said Davy Crockett after a brief visit to The City in 1835, "I thought I would rather risk myself in an Indian fight than venture among those creatures after night.
     Mayor William Havemeyer originated the phrase 'New York's Finest' in 1845. But as one wag told it, they might not have been New York's finest but by this time they certainly were New York's toughest. One captain was quoted as saying, about the police, that "there is no remedy for insulting language but personal; chastisement." Meaning that they (the cops) should beat the hell out of anybody who gives you lip. They did and begun to bring order to the city Each man wore a copper star; at first citizens called them "star police," which gave way to "coppers" and then, and forever to "cops."
     Bruce Chadwick, in his newly published book "Law and Disorder," tells the story of a mid 1660's constable in early New Amsterdam walking his beat at night carrying a green lantern to identify himself and hanging it out the window of his watch house between patrols. To this day, many New York City precinct houses have a green light glowing by the entrance.


Richard Snow
reviewing "Law and Disorder"
Wall Street Journal. 13 May 2017



  • Have several very old dresses from grandmother in beautiful condition.
  • Man, honest, will take everything.
  • Dog For Sale. Eats anything and is fond of children.
  • And now...The Superstore —unequalled in size, unmatched in variety,unrivaled inconvenience.
  • Wanted; Boy who can take care of horses who can speak German.
  • House to let. Furnished with period pieces from an unfortunate period.
  • If you think you've seen everything
  • in Paris, visit the Pere Lachasis Cemetery. It boasts such immortals as Moliere, Jean Dela Fontan and Chopin.

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    Beware The Indispensable Person.

    Were You Alone or by Yourself?.
    New York's Earliest.
    Saw it in the Papers. Part 2.






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