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Design and Copywriting for Effective Print Advertising Boston. Design that is creative, fast and affordable from a small and personable Andover Massachusetts based firm. Find out how we can help your company.

Design and Copywriting for Effective Print Advertising BostonDesign and copywriting for effective print advertising Boston is our specialty. We often explain our business with the simple word advertising. We’ve been creating advertising for almost thirty years. From our beginnings as producers of technical advertising exclusively, we have expanded and now handle advertising of all kinds—service businesses, retail and commercial products of all sorts in addition to our bread-and-butter high tech advertising.

We are very familiar with the details of space advertising and have long enjoyed excellent relations with media people who sell advertising space in trade publications. Web advertising is perhaps the newest type of advertising we handle. With the advent of banner ads on the Web, we have been very successful in persuading clients to dedicate a portion of their advertising budgets to banner advertising and we can handle the banner advertising creation from concept through implementation including GIF and animation.

With the increasing popularity of the web, many of our clients are using print advertising to drive potential customers to their web sites. This allows more funds to be spent on the web site since fractional ads, placed in many different publications, can be used. Thus more funds can be available for internet advertising. Search Engines are now the leading source of leads for businesses. Search Engine marketing depends to a large extent on sponsored listings on the search engines. Banner advertising has been making a comback with search engines such as Google and Yahoo placing customer's ads on selected web sites.

From the initial advertising concept right through production, The Cheshire Group is well equipped to handle all aspects of advertising of the creative process from design to layouts, copy, management of digital files, scans, and photo retouching. We have a large selection of stock photography and clip art. Or, if clients prefer their own advertising art, we have our own advertising illustrator.

We apply "The creative equation" to corporate communications: one part talent, one part ability to connect the successful results of past efforts, and one part "Edison factor" (perspiration). We have more than thirty years experience in professional advertising, marketing and communications.

Corporate Communication simply means business people talking to other business people. High tech people selling product into their markets...service professionals reaching out to their clients...even managers of charitable and nonprofit organizations seeking contributions---every business uses corporate communication.

Print advertising is most effective today in promoting corporate web sites. More than any other method of promotion print advertising does the best job in pushing prospective customers to a web site. A program of small 1/4p or even 1/8p ads in the leading trade publication can do a great job in driving customers to web sites. We have found that after Search Engines, more leads come to our clients web sites from print ads than any other means. So don't give up on creating and running ads in the leading publications in your field.

Design and copywriting for effective print advertising Boston. That's us!

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