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Creative Marketing Brochures Boston; Catalogs, Technical Data Sheets and Trifolds. Elegant, Quick and Affordable

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creative marketing brochures Boston from the Cheshire GroupBrochures represent one of the most popular and busiest business areas for The Cheshire Group. From simple trifolds up to multiple page catalogs, annual reports and capabilities brochures, we have written, designed and produced literally hundreds of brochures.

A simple trifold brochure is constructed of an 8-1/2” x 11” sheet, folded in thirds, allowing six panels for the development and presentation of a theme and subject. These small brochures are popular choices for direct mail and sometimes feature a perforation, to allow one panel to return a response to the advertiser. Product and capabilities brochures present corporate stories, and gate-fold and half gate-fold brochures are especially useful for presenting corporate impressions and product information.

From the initial concept right through printing, The Cheshire Group is well equipped to handle all aspects of brochure production: design, layout, copy, management of digital files, scans, and photo retouching. We maintain an extensive library of stock photography and clip art to bring color and life to your brochures, and our illustrator is always available when you need original, one-of-a-kind art. Or, if clients prefer their own advertising art, we have our own advertising illustrator.

Stock photography and desktop publishing have helped lower the production costs of many brochures, and The Cheshire Group is careful to consider economics when designing brochures for clients.

We apply "The creative equation" to corporate communications: one part talent, one part ability to connect the successful results of past efforts, and one part "Edison factor" (perspiration). We have more than thirty years experience in professional advertising, marketing and communications.

Corporate Communication simply means business people talking to other business people. High tech people selling product into their markets...service professionals reaching out to their clients...even managers of charitable and nonprofit organizations seeking contributions---every business uses corporate communication.

With the dominence of web based advertising and the importance of corporarte web sites, the production of corporate and product brochures is still vital in getting your story out. There has been a noticeable reduction in the production of business-to-business brochures during the past few years, We have found encouraged our clients to produce well designed brochures with this difference. Distribution is now handled online in the form of Acrobat® PDF files. This save asignificant sum of money in printing costs and permits quick revisions to the content of the brochures. Today the creation of brochures is still vital but it can now be done for significantly fewer dollars.

Copywriting at The Cheshire Group is an art and a craft. Copywriting takes numerous forms: advertising copy, brochures, direct mail, newsletter, all forms of internet advertising, press releases and articles all involve copywriting. Copywriting requires us to weave creative concepts and the solutions to marketing problems into readable prose. We sometimes use copywriting to educate our clients’ markets to new products or techniques. We take great care to keep our copy concise and clear.

We help our clients communicate with their markets... with their sales forces... with their customers and clients... even with others within their organizations. We do this through a variety of media that includes print advertising, web advertising and web sites, direct marketing, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, technical data sheets and applications notes, identity packages and public relations. So no matter what your creative needs are, from traditional print advertising to the latest web authoring designs with Macromedia Flash effects or javascripts, turn to the Cheshire Group.

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Creative Brochures, AffordableTrifolds, Product Catalogs, Data Sheets


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