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Richard E Amsterdam

Richard E. Amsterdam, President. Dick has degrees in electrical engineering and business and marketing. For eighteen years he was president of the high-tech agency Amsterdam Advertising Inc. Dick is a computer expert and the business engine of The Cheshire Group, Inc. He is proficient in PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat plus a host of Web Authoring and graphics tools.



Nancy L. Parsons, Creative Director. Nancy has a degree in Nancy L Parsonseducation and has a long writing career that included published articles, stories and plays in a number of national magazines. She has also written textbooks and remedial reading material for a number of educational publishers. For sixteen years Nancy served as creative director for Amsterdam Advertising Inc. and now fills the same function at The Cheshire Group, Inc. She does most of her work in Adobe PageMaker.

Andover, MA 01810
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