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Tips, Tricks & Tales

Nancy Parsons and Dick Amsterdam
Publisher: The Cheshire Press
About …
“Build a better mousetrap,” they say, “and the world will beat a path to your door.” Not necessarily. The word needs to know your mousetrap has been built. So right here we’re announcing the second edition of the popular MORSELS FROM THE BETTER MOUSETRAP. Here are all the updated tips, tricks and tales about marketing, promotion and communications, designed to amuse you while helping you build and promote your own better mousetrap.

Here’s how The Cheshire Press helped …
The whole gamut of the services we offer are displayed in this book. From writing through publishing, this book features every service we offer.




Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
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The Key To Running Your Own Office

Jeremy T. Robin, Esq.
Publisher: A&UC Publishing
About …
Unlearning Law School attempts to debunk the myth perpetrated by law schools that effective lawyering requires detachment and detail-obsession. In fact, the opposite skills are fundamental to running a successful office. Personal and financial success as a self-employed lawyer requires a shift from billable-hour-consumption to an ethic of caring about people.

What a revolutionary concept!

Here’s how The Cheshire Press helped …
Author and lawyer Jeremy Robin asked us to design his book inside and out, from text to cover. Then we prepared typeset files for his publisher. The book is available on Amazon and on Robin’s own website.





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Successful Self-Advocacy Techniques

Jeremy T. Robin, Esq.
Publisher: A&UC Publishing
About …
Jeremy T. Robin has owned his own law firm since 1997. A frequent law school lecturer, Jeremy is the editor of a law newsletter, serves on the board of the National Guild Referral Service, and is a member of the US Supreme Court Bar.

Here’s how The Cheshire Press helped …
For his second book, Jeremy Robin turned to us for design help once again. We developed this creative cover concept and used our extensive PhotoShop skills to bring the book cover to life. For continuity, Robin’s second book continues the text design established with UNLEARING LAW SCHOOL.





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