More From The Better Mousetrap

MORE FROM THE BETTER MOUSETRAPNancy Parsons and Dick Amsterdam have been partners in advertising and corporate communications for over twenty-five years. Nancy is the team’s creative director and writer; Dick, who has degrees in electrical engineering and marketing, handles the stuff with decimals and dollar signs. One of the pair is right-brained, the other is left-brained, however they can’t remember which is which, so they simply claim one whole brain between them. This brain, they apply diligently to their clients’ marketing and promotional challenges. They also used it to collaborate on this book. And it’s a good thing they did too, because they have some great stories to tell and a wealth of practical advice to share. This book is the second edition of the popular MORSELS FROM THE BETTER MOUSETRAP. MORE FROM THE BETTER MOUSETRAP is newer, bigger and full of updated tips, tricks and tales about marketing, promotion and communications.

The collected stories will a amuse you even as they help you build and promote your own business mousetrap.

More From The Better Mousetrap is available in both hardcover and softcover editions.

Softcover: $14.95 plus Shipping and Handling
Hardcover: $29.95 plus Shipping and Handling

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