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search engine optimization Boston

Search Engine Optimization Boston.  

Search Engine Optimization Boston. Your web site is probably your most important source of bringing in new leads and showing your company's face to the world. If it isn't working hard for you there must be a good reason why not. Customers can't find you if when they search for your products and/or services you are not listed in the first few pages of Google, or Yahoo! or MSN Search. Search Engine Optimization (Boston) is the process where your company's web site is listed as highly as possible on the major search engines, preferably on the first page, but certainly on the first 3 pages, or 30 listings.

search engine optimization Boston

By this time almost every company has a web site. Many companies are not very happy with theirs. And the most common reason for this feeling is that there is not a great deal of traffic to their web site. Why is this?

Research shows that 80 to 90% of visitors to web sites never leave the page that they came in on. There are several reasons for this. The user clicks the wrong button and lands on a page which is not interesting. The page they came in on is confusing with too much clutter, or lacks enough information to encourage the visitor to stay. The most common problem is that visitors did not find what they were looking for the instant that they arrived on the site. Your web site may be your most important method for getting new leads and increasing sales. If it isn't today it will be shortly. It is not enough to just have a web presence. It must work hard for you.

There are many "urban myths" about search engine indexing. Some believe that the search engines will automatically find them and index them in a short time after the pages are developed. Others believe that submission of their site to the search engines once is all they need to do. And some even fall prey to those unscrupulous email spammers who offer to submit your site to "12,000 search engines and directories for a monthly fee. And finally there are "link farms" where others offer to exchange links with your site without you knowing who they are and how relevent they are to your business,

Creating a doorway page that works is critical. Doorway pages are special pages which have been designed to appeal to a specific search engine for a specific keyword phrase. Since each search engine has its own special requirements (such as body copy length, repetition rate for keywords, etc.) there is no way that one home page can be optimized for all search engines. One doorway page per keyword per search engine. So if you have 4 keywords and there are 10 search engines that you want to be indexed on, there must be 40 doorway pages on your site.

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