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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) incorporates both Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Results. SEO is also known as Organic search results while Paid Search uses tools such as Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter pay per click. Keyword phrases are used by both SEO and Paid search. Both need to be continuously monitored and updated to keep up with changes in the technology of search.

Paid Search is also referred to as pay per click advertising. Cheshire Group recommends the use of Google Adwords. These ads appear, as text ads, alongside search results when a specific keyword phrase is entered in a search box by a person. They may also appear above the organic search results. Google also has a Display Network of websites where their ads can also appear. These ads can be text or display (graphic ads). You can chose whether or not to use both search ads and/or display ads.

AdWords functions similarly to an auction but in a unique manner. In an AdWords auction, the highest bidder doesn't always win. The amount you pay for an ad is based on several factors besides your bid. The winners and fees in an AdWords auction are based on a coimbination of bid and quality score, rather than just the bid price. As a matter of fact, the quality score may be the single most important factor of your success or failure with a particular keyword phrase.

You pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad. This takes the viewer to a landing page on your company's website.

You should break keywords into ad groups so that text ad copy is directly responsive to every different query the included keywords may attract.

You set the maximum amount you wish to spend (per day) so you are always in control of your budget. Search ads and Display ads can be separately budgeted. And you can change these amounts anytime you wish.

Cheshire Group can set up your Google AdWords program for you. Helping you to define your proper keyword phrases, creating text and display ads and sending analytical results to you each month.

New potential customers could be searching for you now. Help them find you by a combination of organic and paid search. Cover all your bases.

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